SS 2013

by Claudia Garrido

“Sound of Silence” has as inspiration the privation of sound and his behaviour when passing through the materials. The way the sound connects into the materials and the mixing of it.

All the details used in the collection were inspired in the future or in an indeterminate future as in the “Clockwork orange” movie. Going back to the 70ies, this movie perfectly represents the futurism that directly influenced that generation and the unpredictable the future can be, or become.

Due to it, the colours choose goes from light colours as pearl and green to a dark grey. Also this variation of tones happens due to the mixing of transparencies and matt knitting qualities used in the collection.

Using a plain cotton yarn knitted with one or two cables, fake plains in gauge 14 or jacquards in gauge 12 representing the isolative plates of sound. The superior parts are interlined also to get that lack of sound.

The idea is to highlight the woman body, using a though shape, to evidence the x silhouette by having or giving volume in both breast and hips area.