FW 2013/14

by Claudia Garrido

This collection was inspired by an Oscar Wilde story “The Selfish Giant” , and also by boxing greats of the 70’s.

From this story we take out 7 important moments: the Giant arrival at his garden and his threat to punish all invaders; the construction of a wall; the snowy ice cold garden; the bird flying over the wall, the Giant playing with his children and his death; the 7th moment is what gives the name to this collection: the Giant makes a friend but he disappears.
The boxing giants of the 70’s are represented by illustrations made in partnership with Carolina Brito, and in the details of the garments worn, which were characteristic of that sport. All these elements are reflected in the sweaters. Many technics were used in the fabrication of the knitwear, from the “jacquard all over” digital stamping, jacquard+localized stamping, fine sets contrasting with thick ones, craftsmanship with industrial.
As a designer and intending to cultivate and reuse as well as to raise the value of knitwear, I decided to reuse jeans from old collections giving them a new life.
That was only possible by localized dying and all over dying in some cases.
The idea is to create a bigger harmony between all coordinates so as to show colour blocs. What is more relevant is that there is a gradation between hotter colours(earth) and colder ones (like ice).
On the level of shapes all coordinates are shown in line H , respecting a more relaxed and amusing look. The possibility of reknitting the pieces creates some prominence.
New structures were also developed and the use of fibres with different gradations.
The materials used have several prime ones based on wool, mohair and denim.