FW 2014/15

by Claudia Garrido



” GhostMothers “

 This time my view was fixed only on ” GhostMothers ” … the ” creepy” pictures ofprecious children and their hidden mothers.

More than a scary universe, what interested me the most was the shadow of her presence – the mother behind the son, the one who does everything, even hiding behind a cloth so that he is immortalized in a picture. This insight is shown in a collection of 15 coordinates where the knitted garments arise again as the main protagonist: material and aesthetics merge in the technique and exalt the quality of the raw material. The remaining materials, colors and shapes are used to support the H line driving through this journey. The primary raw material – which composes the knit – is accompanied by impemeable materials and a sophisticated touch provided by velvet, alpaca, cashmere and angora. Here the technique also helps us to perpetuate: the structured mesh and the jaquard mesh in different gauges, presents this universe and involves us in a permanent moment . The color palette appears as a reflection of the aesthetics present in these “GhostMothers”: black, gray and white are sprinkled by the oxide of time and the pale pink of the faces of these protagonists, immortalized by their mothers.